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Quincy Incubators

Compact Low-Cost Dependable

Design Concept
The versatile Quincy Lab Incubator line-up was custom-developed for laboratories that require a dependable, compact incubator for cultures, test kits, eggs, and biological. It is ideal for clinical, industrial and school laboratories, physicians' offices, and as a general-purpose warming cabinet. All units are UL and C/UL listed for laboratory equipment.

Our line-up includes two series of Incubators offering extended temperatures for special applications as well as either analog or digital controls, utilizing a PID microprocessor for increased accuracy and convenience, along with "temperature tracking" capability.

Our "140" Series features a see-through Acrylic Door, and offers a temperature range up to 62C (143F), in three variations depending on your needs: analog, digital, or digital with fan which is ideal for large or high-density loads requiring faster warm-through times.

Our "180" Series features a Steel Door to handle the increased temperature range of up to 94C, (200F). This series is also available in the same three variations as the "140" Series.

Each Incubator series is available in two sizes allowing for increased application loads. Choose from either the 0.7 cu. ft., or the larger 2.0 cu. ft., providing the ability to process beakers, flasks, petri dishes, and test-tube trays at the same time.

All units feature high-grade aluminum interiors and
cold-rolled steel exteriors, finished with an attractive and durable powder coat. Adjustable shelf and fixed bottom shelf are chrome-plated. Additional shelves are available. A non-toxic, non-hazardous spirit thermometer is included. All units come with a full eighteen-month warranty.

Model 10-140

Each incubator is tested and approved before shipment. Comes ready-to-use--no assembly is required.

Model 12-140E

Incubator Specifications (Click to Download File)

140 Series Sales Brochure


180 Series Sales Brochure

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